September 13, 2017

Talking Agile with Statoil

Statoil office

PRISMA is always open to new ideas and feedback. We welcome any opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, whether it be in the gas industry, our platform, related to IT or business in general.

A year ago, we moved our product development process over to the SCRUM agile framework. Part of the scrum approach includes inviting and reflecting on constant feedback. Our product owners, Marcus Wadewitz and Manuela Holz, paid a visit to Statoil Forskningssenter in Rotvoll / Trondheim last week, to promote knowledge-sharing in the industry and to get inspiration from Statoil’s own implementation of agile.

”You really have to be open to constant change […], the only constant is that they are always adapting.”

Manuela Holz, Product Owner at PRISMA

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Statoil has applied their own flavour of agile over eleven years. Meeting with three development teams, each employing their own approach – some using scrum, others Kanban, we came to get a closer look at their working methods.

They are self-managed, with no dedicated roles for team members. Developers also act as agile coaches, system administrators or testers. There are many benefits for doing so. By not having a dedicated tester, developers take more responsibility for their own code, ensuring the code is really ready for final testing and saving wasteful back-and-forth between testers and developers. In understanding the code base and what is actually placing a load on the system, team members can better administer it. To do it right, though, your team has to be open to learning new ideas, taking on different roles and to take full responsibility for their work.

Be open to constant change

The biggest lesson from the visit was the similarity with the PRISMA agile transformation experience. “It shows you really have to be open to constant change,” Manuela says. “Statoil faces the same challenges as we do – upscaling and downscaling their teams according to their needs, and bringing in external consultants whenever needed. The only constant is that they are always adapting.”

The visit was based on an invite from Statoil at our June Shipper event held at our Brussels office. It wasn’t just a learning experience for us – Dag-Frode Sundem, Statoil MSS GOS head, found it “utterly revealing to learn what PRISMA is dealing with on a day-to-day basis and to get to know the people behind the scenes.”

We would love to talk to you about your own learnings and challenges, and to share our own perspectives on technology, business or agile. If you’re interested, get in touch and we will organise a call or a visit.

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René Lindner

Customer Success Manager