November 07, 2017

Wired energy conference

In October, Manuela Holz and Adrian Makohon from our Leipzig office attended the inaugural Wired Energy conference,  held at Kings Place in London. Among sessions discussing movements in emerging energy technologies, a few speakers spoke about contemporary movements around gas infrastructure.

Kevin Jones from the Airbus cyber security team talked about current threats to utility and energy infrastructure. He is particularly concerned with the Industroyer (aka. Crash Override) modular hacking platform, available on the dark web. This is effectively a swiss-army-knife-style tool that is used to perform cyber-attacks on infrastructure providers. Combined with Hacking-as-a-Service tools (like hackers-for-hire and botnets) available on the dark web, he believes that all infrastructure providers are under constant threat of attack. Usually these sorts of attacks succeed by infiltrating a system along the supply chain, so all vendors should be included in any security solution.

It’s not all bad news, however. We can all play a part defending against this, by ensuring compliance to security standards to IEC 62443 and ensuring a combination of manual and automated monitoring of our systems.

Simultaneously, the UK National Infrastructure Commission released its draft National Infrastructure Assessment report. Speaking at the Wired event, the Policy and Engagement Director from the Commission, Adam Cooper, advised that the future of the UK gas grid is a current topic in the Assessment, with switchover to hydrogen, shifting to electricity or complete grid shutdown all options. This paralleled another talk from riversimple CEO Hugo Spowers, who advised that their hydrogen fuel cell car is being trialled next year around Surrey, the site of one of 17 hydrogen filling stations in the UK. To roll out the car commercially, a substantial investment is required to increase the retail hydrogen supply across the UK and Europe.

Around the event, our team visited different shippers and TSOs in London, discussing a number of topics of interest. If you would like to talk with us in person on a particular gas capacity topic, at one of your events or to advise on the outcomes of different conferences or meetings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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René Lindner

Customer Success Manager