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A virtual event taking you deep into the world of PRISMA

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We’re excited to reveal that on March the 30th, PRISMA will host a reimagined version of our live events, offering guests a fascinating insight into life at PRISMA, beamed straight into your home.

Called “PRISMA On Air”, our first digital and live streaming event will replicate all of the benefits of being in the same physical space with the addition of interactive elements that make you feel like you’re there in person.

Other features you can look forward to include:

  • Interactive workshops 
  • Real-time audience interactions
  • Enlightening Talks by PRISMA team members 
  • Q&As


And you can enjoy all this from the comfort of your sofa, kitchen table, home office, or wherever you wish to log in.

And if you’re worried about missing out on the chance to meet and engage with fellow guests, fear not: we’ll be inviting all attendees to join gather.town, which lets you connect virtually with others in a spontaneous and fluid way, moving freely between groups just as you would when face to face.

Want to attend? Just register via the link below!

We’ll be releasing more info about PRISMA On Air in the coming weeks.  

In the meantime, watch this space….

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