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A virtual event taking you deep into the world of PRISMA

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We´re better together

In the past year, we’ve all had to imagine new ways to preserve our traditions and relationships. We, at PRISMA, take to heart these ties with our community and are, likewise, eager to preserve them.

So, we’re glad to announce that, on March 30th, PRISMA will host PRISMA On Air, a reimagined version of our traditional in-person events offering you an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into our company practices and habits.

This event is based on three passionate convictions: dialogue, sharing and unity.

  • Dialogue: the solution to problems always comes from dialogue.
  • Sharing: we can only grow as a community if we share the lessons we learn as individuals.
  • Unity: only together, can we strive for a better, fairer, and more integrated energy market.


About the event

PRISMA On Air will consist in a two-hour series of engaging lectures and workshops. Our best experts will share with you our daily strategies to promote fairness, safety, and efficiency in our company and the gas market. However, you are the main act: you’re encouraged to ask questions and voice your opinions.

What to expect:

  • Office Tour: first, we’d like to take you through a brief tour of our office in the charming city of Leipzig. You will get to see where and how we work, our daily rituals and joys in helping you achieve your goals. Try to identify the plant species you see!
  • Fascinating Talks with live Q&As: we are excited to share with you the concepts and techniques upon which we base our services. In pursuit of our goal to make fair markets happen, we have striven to build a living, breathing community of which you are a vital part. Join the talks and ask questions: you’re a part of the show!
  • Coffee Break in a Virtual World: during the coffee break, you will be in control of your own video-game character in our custom-designed 8-bit world where you can freely move around, attend talks, workshops or hit someone up for a chat along the way. All are perfect ways to level up!
  • Workshops: all good ideas arise from collaboration. So, let’s sit together to find creative solution to new and old problems. You know what you want better anyone else. Tell us so we can make it happen!


Speaker Roster


Svenja Kruse - “How to co-create a product”

First, our star PM, Svenja Kruse, will discuss the challenges and successes of conceiving and developing new platform features in close connection with our users – close, that is, despite the distance and isolation caused by the pandemic.

Eduard Thamm – “Agile Security”

Our brilliant DevOps Engineer, Eduard Thamm, will then take over to explain how to uphold the best cybersecurity practices in an agile business context. He will tell you exactly why you’re safe with us.

Maik Töpfer – “GDPR Compliance by default – Crypto shredding at PRISMA”

Then, Maik Töpfer, our talented Senior Software Engineer, will share the latest and safest techniques to store and delete user data. Listen in to find out that crypto shredding is just a cool as it sounds!

Victoria Schuster and Mariana Fernandez – “PRISMA´s recipe to boost innovation”

Finally, Victoria Schuster and Mariana Fernandez, our passionate People & Culture Specialists, will tell you their secret to empower employees and create a work environment where creativity can take flight.



On Air Virtual Space

No one is too old to start playing video games. And is there a better excuse to do so than business? Gathertown is an 8-bit world, where you can create your own hero and join us in a very productive virtual adventure: chat with your colleagues, ask questions to our PRISMA team, propose new ideas and review your portfolios. Approach each guest to have a private conversation or take your place at the table in a meeting room. You can even tell jokes by an 8-bit watercooler. So long as the coffee is real, the rest can take place in a virtual world – at least for now.





Event Agenda

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