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PRISMA On Air 2021 – A Full Round-Up

A virtual event taking you deep into the world of PRISMA

Prisma On Air


At PRISMA, we’ve viewed the significant challenges posed over the past 15 months as just that – a challenge. Part of our response has been to think of new and original ways of maintaining and fostering relationships in a world in which face-to-face interaction has been temporarily curtailed. And it was this approach that served as the inspiration behind PRISMA On Air.

Centred around the importance of three key values - dialogue, sharing and unity - our first ever interactive digital event, PRISMA On Air saw a remarkable 200 virtual guests taking part from the comfort of their own homes and offices at the end of March.

Offering a fascinating insight into life at PRISMA, the two-hour event replicated all of the benefits of being in the same physical space with the addition of interactive elements designed to enhance the digital experience, combining pre-recorded segments, live streaming and real-time audience interaction.

There were informative talks by members of the PRISMA team on key issues pertinent to the gas industry, while guests were also able to join virtual workshops and office tours hosted by PRISMA team members, inviting you to see where and how we work.

Guests could also join a virtual 8-bit world called Gathertown, in which they could navigate the space at their leisure using a customised avatar – chatting to colleagues, asking questions of the PRISMA team, proposing ideas, joining meetings, and even sharing jokes or anecdotes by a virtual watercooler.

Prisma On Air map
1/2 Prisma On Air map
Walking in our Virtual World
2/2 Walking in our Virtual World

And without wanting to blow our own trumpets too vociferously, we’re comfortable declaring that the event, co-hosted by Simona Lamba and Frederick Webner, was a resounding success – an assertion that has been backed up by the large volume of effusive feedback we’ve received in recent weeks.

Speaking of which, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge that all of our efforts would have amounted to nothing without the enthusiasm, co-operation and support of everyone who took part – from start to finish.

And for those who couldn’t make it, fear not, as you can still catch up on some of what you missed by clicking on the video links below, featuring all four expert talks from the event.

How to co-create a product remotely

First up, here’s Svenja Kruse discussing what it’s like to develop new platform features in collaboration with our users

Merging Agile and DevOps at Prisma

Next, Eduard Thamm, shares his illuminating thoughts on cybersecurity practices in an agile business environment

GDPR Compliant using Crypto Shredding at Prisma

Then, Maik Töpfer delves into the subject of Crypto-shredding and the latest techniques being applied to storing and deleting user data in the era of GDPR

PRISMA's recipe to boost innovation

Finally, Victoria Schuster and Mariana Fernandez reveal their secrets to empowering employees and creating a work environment in which creativity can flourish

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to making PRISMA On Air such a big hit - we appreciate it!


Would you like to see what was going on behind the cameras?

With everything going by at 1000 kilometres per hour, we couldn't keep track of everything that was going on, but we made this small selection of photos for you.

Simona checking lights and cameras
1/3 Simona checking lights and cameras
Eduard behind scenes
2/3 Eduard behind scenes
Maik and Frederick during the Q&A
3/3 Maik and Frederick during the Q&A

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