April 17, 2019  •  Insights

PRISMA's Sixth Birthday

Adrian Sticker

On April 1 of this year, PRISMA celebrated its sixth anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we first launched, but, in a flash, six years have flown by. To celebrate, we travelled together to our new office in the very centre of Leipzig. For many, this was their first visit, and those of us who had been there before were eager to see their reaction to its unveiling. The new office provided an excellent setting for us to gather together and celebrate what we have been able to build with the support of our community.

With glasses of sekt at the ready, we listened to Götz Lincke, our managing director, retell the history of PRISMA and how it has changed. On its first day, merely 78 day-ahead auctions were posted on the platform; now, we are host to over 7000 auctions every day. Our team here at PRISMA has seen the gas market evolve over the years and has had its hand in developing it. In another six years, one can only guess where the market will be, but you can be sure that we will be there to help shape it.

At our celebration, we also got a preview of the changes to come for PRISMA. We got a sneak peek at our rebranding and heard from the dedicated people who have contributed to this effort. We went on a tour of the new offices and already began to imagine ourselves there. Its very layout lends itself to collaboration and integration; we are excited to see what more we will achieve once we have settled in.

A photographer joined us to capture some of the most special moments and set up an area where we could take pictures with each other. We enthusiastically joined each other in the photobooth to commemorate the afternoon. We brought pink stickers, another glimpse at our rebranding, which no one hesitated to start sticking to their clothing, phones, glasses, and each other.

We would like to thank our team members who dedicated their time to making our birthday such a special occasion. It is our hope that seeing these photos will spread our infectious joy, and that you will join us for yet another year as we at PRISMA continue to strive towards making fair markets a reality.


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