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Enovos Storage joins the PRISMA platform

The German SSO Enovos Storage will start offering capacity via the PRISMA platform

Leipzig, October 24, 2022 - PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH is glad to announce the addition of Enovos Storage as a new operator on our platform.

“Due to market changes, we were required to consider making our location available for a wider audience”, explains Markus Bastian, Managing Director of Enovos Storage. “In joining the PRISMA platform, we are one step further towards achieving this goal and hope to win new customers as a result.”

The German SSO Enovos Storage GmbH emerged out of Enovos S.A.,  Luxembourg’s main energy supplier, which also operates in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. 

“We are really happy that this partnership has become reality and we will be able to provide the required service on our platform swiftly,” says Goetz Lincke, Managing Director of PRISMA.

Enovos Storage is stationed in Frankenthal, Rheinland-Pfalz, and will offer annual capacity of 1TWh. The product runtime storage year will be from April 2023 to April 2024. Enovos intends to begin marketing at the end of the year.

The Shipper Registration will start on November 9, 2022. For more information about the registration process, please refer to the PRISMA knowledge base.  


About Encevo

Encevo Group is the leading energy player in Luxembourg and active in Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Encevo is active all along the energy value chain: Production, storage, supply, transport, trading, distribution and services.

The group is based on three pillars, essentially represented by three distinct entities and their respective subsidiaries: energy supply and the production of renewable energies through Enovos, grid operation through Creos and energy related services (distributed production, energy efficiency, eco mobility …) through Teseos.

As a regional energy leader and key player in Luxembourg’s energy transition, Encevo Group currently employs a workforce of more than 2,300. The group owns more than 330,000 delivery points for natural gas and electricity and operates over 11,400 km of electrical power lines and 4,000 km of gas pipelines.

More information on www.encevo.eu

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