June 23, 2022  •  Press  •  ttpc

Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company S.p.A. update its offers of primary capacity on PRISMA

New FCFS offer for 2022/2023

Leipzig, 23 June 2022 – PRISMA informs that Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company SpA (“TTPC“) will continue offering firm capacity on a FCFS basis via the PRISMA platform.

Interested shippers, with an active assignment with TTPC, will be able to submit their requests starting from tomorrow in a dedicated page accessible via the general FCFS section. The booking requests and their consequent allocation will be processed by TTPC outside the platform.

The offered products, and according runtimes, will be communicated to the shipper via the information board displayed in TTPC´s FCFS section.

For more information about the new booking procedure please refer to the PRISMA´s knowledge base.

Additional information on the offer can be found on the TSO's website.

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