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Leipzig, October 11th, 2019 - Prisma European Capacity Platform GmbH informs that starting from 31.10.2019 Stogit, the largest European storage operator, will offer its products on our platform.

The launch of Stogit on PRISMA is in line with our company’s aim of making fair markets happen, first and foremost, through digital harmonisation and standardisation of procedures for access to gas capacity.

Stogit’s presence on PRISMA is a great sign of openness towards the European market and represents an important achievement in our pursuit of common European standards through systems that ensure safe and stable gas capacity management,” said Goetz Lincke, PRISMA’s managing director.

The Prisma platform functionalities will allow shippers to request transport and storage capacity in one platform.

Interested shippers will be able to access the Italian gas capacity market, book capacity and manage their data through a single digital access point.

On PRISMA, can be found relevant information about the allocation algorithm which applies to Stogit offers whereas the procedure for assignment request is fully in line with the standard process applied on PRISMA by the other operators.




Stogit, a subsidiary of the SNAM group, is the largest Italian and European player in the gas storage sector.

Stogit manages 9 storage facilities offering more than 16 billion cubic meters of storage capacity to the market (12.5 billion cubic meters for basic services and 4.5 billion cubic meters for strategic storage) according to significant technical and economic efficiency criteria

Stogit provides its commercial services (peak and flat modulation, fast cycle, hydrocarbon and strategic) on the basis of the Storage Code, approved by the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment

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