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Leipzig, 24 March 2020 – PRISMA informs that Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company SpA (“TTPC“) will offer firm capacity on a FCFS basis via the PRISMA platform.

With reference to the procedure published by TTPC on March 24, 2020 and currently available on the TSO website, we hereby notify that interested shippers, with an active assignment with TTPC, will be able to submit their requests starting from today and until the 15th of June 2020.

The offered products are the second quarter of 2020 (starting on April 1st, 2020), and the third quarter of 2020 (starting on July 1st, 2020).

The procedure applied is the non-discriminatory allocation procedure named FCFS which is temporarily implemented for “TTPC” through the functionality “contracting services”.

PRISMA platform supports, therefore, integrated booking requests whose allocation will be processed by TTPC outside the platform.

Users can participate in these offers on the PRISMA platform by going to account settings > Assignment of operators and selecting the operator “TTPC.” There, they will find the link to the form “contracting service” the submission of which is required to request FCFS capacity.

For more information, please refer to the TSO website in object.

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