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March 25, 2020

We´re here for you

The events of the last few weeks have had a significant impact on everybody's lives and, for many, have also led to a significant change in the way they work. Without exception, we find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances and must now face the challenges ahead to the best of our abilities - both individually and collectively.

Putting our business continuity plans into action while ensuring the safety of all of our workers was our immediate priority. And no matter what the next weeks and months hold in store, we must never lose sight of our company values, which places people at its core.

For us this means a twofold commitment: to ensure the security of our people and to support our customers in facilitating the normal progression of their business.

Therefore, we wanted to let you know that we have implemented the following measures with immediate effect:


  • Temporary interruption of all scheduled business trips
  • Remote working for all of our staff
  • Postponement of all scheduled PRISMA events
  • Transitioning all customer meetings into remote video conferences


We also want to reassure you that despite these disruptions, our platform – much like our whole team – will continue operating at full speed. Our business continuity plan is a tried and tested contingency that ensures secure access to our systems - even remotely. Therefore, our users can rest assured that any changes to our working practices will not have an effect on our service and support delivery.

Furthermore, while few of us will currently have the appetite to seek positives from the situation, we do believe that it may ultimately demonstrate the benefits of exchanging knowledge and insights with others in our community. After all, difficult times can often make people question old ways of doing things and instead explore new and innovative approaches. 

Remote working is one such approach that could lead to a rethink over our ‘customer-centric’ methods. Up until recently, all of our training sessions have been conducted in person, but now we are all set to deliver them via webinars.

What we may discover is that even without face-to-face contact, we can learn from each other and find new ways to connect.

So please do remember during these uncertain times - we’re here for you…

Take care of yourselves.



Götz Lincke

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