Our vision

We connect energy markets enabling the Green Transition

Through our digital solutions we support Europe moving towards a sustainable energy future.

PRISMA: Who we are

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH is an international IT company based in Leipzig, Germany. We are committed to two main goals: (1) securing Europe’s energy supply and (2) enabling the Green Transition for a sustainable energy future. We believe these two goals are compatible and can be achieved with one strategy: digital innovation.

But what does that mean exactly?

The PRISMA Platform

PRISMA develops and runs the PRISMA Platform, Europe’s leading gas capacity marketplace. Our platform digitally connects over 20 markets, providing fair and transparent access to the European energy infrastructure for more than 3.000 energy players. In 2022, besides our regular capacity auctions for transport and storage capacity, we started conducting LNG capacity auctions.

PRISMA, therefore, facilitates the transportation of gas in Europe by bringing operators and shippers together on one easy-to-navigate platform. Users can seamlessly acquire transport and storage capacity in auctions, which guarantee the fair price of allocation in a transparent manner. So, the flow of gas from one market area or country couldn’t be smoother, since the entire process takes place on one platform, one screen, right before your eyes.

That's how we safeguard the transparency and reliability of gas transport and storage in the continent. Whether you are a Transmission System Operator (TSO), a Storage System Operator (SSO), an liquefied natural gas (LNG) Operator or a Shipper, check out how the PRISMA Platform can make your life easier and more stress-free.


Bespoke backend services

Bespoke Backend Services

Our aim is to offer software solutions to make our customers' work lives more intuitive and efficient. To that end, we develop software products based on your individual needs and projects. As an Operator, for instance, you may wish to simplify your system by running the entire gas capacity lifecycle on PRISMA: from capacity availability calculation, through contract management, financial security validation, to invoice submission - all with absolute clarity and uncompromising security.  We’ve accomplished just that for Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH. If you’re curious about this success story, take a look at our blog.

AggregateEU - the joint tendering service for Europe

In 2022, the European Commission created the EU Energy Platform to facilitate purchases of gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) across the continent. At their behest, PRISMA developed and now operates AggregateEU, an IT tool whose purpose is to aggregate gas demand from EU or Energy Community companies, and then match this demand to the most competitive supply offers before the next storage replenishment season. You can learn more about the AggregateEU project here.

Company History

Trac-x: How it all started

The Secondary Market was first

Yet, how did we get here? How did PRISMA become what it is today?

We were not always PRISMA. Back in March 2005, a company called “Trac-x” was founded in Leipzig by Verbundnetz Gas (VNG). The company’s goal was to provide an online marketplace for gas transport capacity, focusing primarily on the secondary market.

Then, one year later, the German Gas Network Access Ordinance made the creation of such a virtual marketplace a matter of legal necessity. They issued a ruling which compelled German gas grid operators to create a single online trading platform for gas transport capacity in the secondary market.

In virtue of its foresight, Trac-x was already well-positioned to help operators adapt to this new reality. So, even before these regulations came into effect, most transport capacity trades on the secondary market happened on Trac-x.

The Primary Market was second

In 2010, Trac-x was commissioned by German TSOs to set up and operate a single platform for the allocation of primary gas capacity in Germany. Until then, primary capacity was separately marketed by German grid operators on their own individual platform.

With the launch of Trac-x Primary Market in August 2011, shippers were able, for the first time, to buy firm capacity at German border and market area network points in one place. This groundbreaking experiment within Germany proved so successful that it soon attracted the attention of network operators in other countries.

So, at the 2012 FLAME Gas Conference in Amsterdam, 16 TSOs from several European countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding to build a joint European Capacity Platform​. The initiative aimed to merge various capacity trading platforms (Capsquare, Link4Hubs, TRAC-X) into one easily accessible and manageable platform​.

Trading gas capacity was about to get a whole lot simpler.

PRISMA: A European Idea

In December 2012, only a few months after the Memorandum of Understanding was signed, Trac-x officially became a part of PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH. Compared to the idea behind Trac-x, the goal of this new trading platform was astronomically larger and loftier: this was an European Idea, a project that brought together TSOs from many nations with different concerns and perspectives.

Finally, in March 2013, nineteen major TSOs from seven European countries announced the upcoming launch of the new PRISMA European Capacity Platform. Not long after, on 1 April 2013, our company ran its first transport capacity auctions on the primary market. Then, in January 2014, PRISMA “relaunched” the secondary market. The next logical step was to bring the storage market into our community. And, since January 2017, SSOs have been able to run storage offers on our platform.

Growing Up

For the past few years, PRISMA has adopted a product mindset, grown strategically and insourced core competencies. We wanted to exercise more control over our services and products to ensure their quality for our customers. In that spirit, we established an in-house Customer Success Team in 2018, which was followed by our own People & Culture Team in 2019. Then, the first big wave of software engineers joined the same year: an ambitious step in implementing our strategy to maintain and develop products in-house. If you are curious, you can meet our new and old teams right here.

It turns out growing up is healthy. Our platform has exponentially improved. Our services have grown more reliable and efficient. Overall, we, as a company, became better positioned to expand our product base with respect to the development of new backend solutions. In recognition of these achievements, our shareholders approved our request to work on such projects in November 2019.

Getting ready for the future

Immediately, we begun pursuing our new goal of expanding our services to create more value for the gas market. Our approach, however, remained the same: we aim to develop software solutions to make our customers’ work lives easier and more efficient.

In 2020, PRISMA got its first project. We began to develop a new backend system with Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH. On this system, TAG users would be able to calculate capacity amounts at their network points, manage contracts, process financial securities, and administer the entire invoicing lifecycle on the PRISMA platform with uttermost transparency and security. 

This effort was tremendously successful. As such, it became a blueprint for future projects.

A New PRISMA Vision

Then, in 2021, we agreed on a new company vision with our shareholders. More than ever, it became necessary to contend with the gravity of the climate crisis in which we find ourselves. So, as a key market stakeholder, PRISMA acknowledged the responsibility to strive towards a more sustainable future. Hence, our new vision: “We connect energy markets enabling the Green Transition”.

Yet, what does that mean concretely?

We firmly believe that green gases, such as hydrogen and biomethane, will play a crucial role in the sustainable energy future of Europe. Yet, our work begins in the present. PRISMA is already developing strategies to provide the necessary digital infrastructure to connect such markets and accelerate the transition into a greener, better future.

Off to new endeavours

That brings us to 2022. The global energy landscape was radically changed by the war in Ukraine. And PRISMA had to adapt to the new realities of a turbulent time. In any way we could, we collaborated with other stakeholders to stabilize the European gas market and support our community. Suddenly, securing Europe’s energy supply in the present and the near future became a matter of uttermost urgency. We made that mission our own.

One significant initiative to achieve that that goal took place in December 2022: PRISMA held its first LNG auction.

Developing AggregateEU

Another, more ambitious initiative started in January 2023, when we won a tender to develop AggregateEU at the behest of the European Commission. AggregateEU is a service for gas demand aggregation and joint tendering promoted by the EU Energy Platform.

The main thrust of this project is elegantly simple: by aggregating gas demand in public tenders, we can ensure that European buyers have greater leverage on the global market and don’t end up outbidding one another. This is how AggregateEU will support EU and Energy Community Countries in their effort to secure sufficient gas supplies for the upcoming winter (2023/2024). You can learn more about the AggregateEU project here.

The next big projects will surely come. And PRISMA will rise to the occasion in service of its two overarching aims: securing Europe’s energy supply and enabling the Green Transition through digital innovation.


We make fair markets happen.

We are committed to building an ethical business culture within PRISMA, across our operations and the gas sector. We believe that ethics describe a company's personality, which is why our organizational values are driven by ethical and moral considerations. To ensure that we conduct our business ethically, we strive to establish a fair, transparent and integrated market that's truly beneficial for both economy and society.


Our values are not just words on a piece of paper – they are embedded in every aspect of our business. Each value drives how we approach our business, our stakeholders and the community at large.


Understanding is the basis of everything we do. We believe in being attentive and empathetic to people's needs, and translating those needs into solutions.


We believe in the power of collaboration to create an impact. By balancing the interests of all involved parties, we drive long-term benefits for all.


The future will be different and new. We need to embrace this change and take advantage of it. This motivation drives us to think ahead of time and be openminded.

18 Nationalities. 1 Team. 1 Vision

Meet Our Team


Who we are

We are a dynamic, smart and committed team driven by the belief that we can enable a fair gas market through innovation. Each of us brings a unique perspective and skillset that helps us serve our users and markets. With offices in Leipzig and Brussels, we have a network of passionate and dedicated professionals who trust, respect and collaborate with each other to bring PRISMA's vision to life. 


Alexander Raggi

Alexander Raggi

Customer Success Representative

Asier Gomez

DevOps Engineer

Benedikt Kaiser

DevOps Engineer

Drive Development with Determination

Benjamin Otto

DevOps Engineer
Boralda Davidhi

Boralda Davidhi

Junior Controller

Christian Flamm

Software Engineer
Blond man smiling leaning against a glass door

Christian Waltermann

Agile Project Manager

Christian Wanger

Agile Coach

Christin Hofmann

Customer Success Representative
Claudia Köhler

Claudia Köhler

Young woman in orange dress smiling

Constanze Hertel

Content & Relations Manager

Deepak Yadav

IT Compliance Manager

Never loses sight of the problem, always on the path to solve it. 

Dominik Kosieradzki

Product Owner

Emirlinda Dauti

Working Student Software Engineering

Protecting the company, entertaining its members.

Falk Porzig

Head of Legal & Regulations

Always open to help.

Felipe Borja

UX Designer
young woman with long blonde hair sitting at a laptop

Frederike Bobbert

Working Student Legal and Regulations

Head for business, ear to the ground & nose for opportunity

Götz Lincke

Managing Director
Young man in a checked shirt smiling

Hristo Stefanov

Product Owner

Handling finance and life with characteristic French bonhomie.

Ines Mensah

Expert Controlling

Focus on accounting, analysis & accuracy

Jacqueline Schwarze

Expert Accounting & Tax

Focus on agility, automation and achievement

Jan Wagebach

Executive Manager/CTO
Jeyhun Gurbanov

Passionate about customers.

Jeyhun Gurbanov

Customer Success Representative

Shape, Simplify and Sustain Software.

Jörg Adler

Software Engineer
Brunette Woman Smiling

Karyna Voitenko

Customer Success Representative
Young man with smartphone smiling

Kostiantyn Garbar

Frontend Developer

Operates with system, structure and spirit

Manuela Nitzsche

Application Manager

Focus on features, facts and efficient solutions

Marcus Wadewitz

Product Owner

Helping each person to achieve their full potential.  

Mariana Fernandez

People & Culture Specialist

Marie Leichter

Working Student People & Culture

Forging bonds between PRISMA and its customers.  

Maryam Aghajani

Product Owner
Young man with a dark jacket smiling

Mateo Murillo

Software Engineer

Mattia Brescia

DevOps Engineer
Young woman with long dark hair and black dress with flower print smiling

Melda Juwita

Office Manager
Michaela Wawrok

Michaela Wawrok

Senior UX Manager

Manage services with diligence and cheerfulness 

Mozhdeh Mousazadehkamdar

IT Service Manager
young man with glasses leaning to a glass door

Ole Wehrmeyer

Senior Software Engineer

Food, Life & Energy Enthusiast

Paolo Maffeis

Executive Manager

Offering exceptional customer solutions with a sense of humour.

Pedro Matheus

Customer Success Representative

Love and passion for the web.

Philipp Zins

Engineering Manager

Secure scalable and maintainable solutions for our customers.

Ralf Teckelmann

DevOps Engineer

Communicate. Connect. Celebrate.

René Lindner

Head of Product

Always giving the customer a little smile and good advice.

Sabrina Ferrari

Sales and Service Manager

Saida Meftah

DevOps Engineer
young man with black hair and beard leaning to a glass door

Shalom Varghese Mathew

Working Student IT Compliance

Tetiana Stein

Legal Expert

Develop market, joke, rinse, repeat.

Thibault Villedieu-de-Torcy

Business Development Manager

Execute with interest, integrity & impact

Thilo Kassen

Executive Manager/COO

Builds with deliberation & determination

Tobias Troeger

Enterprise Architect

Operates with humor, heart and humility.

Tom Köckeritz

Head of Customer Success

Problem fixer, dedicated helper.

Tony Hartmann

IT Service Manager Office IT

Uwe Schäfer

Coding Architect / Lead Engineer

Passion for people.

Victoria Schuster

Head of People & Culture
Young man in a black jacket behind a glass door

Wassim Mansouri

Working Student Office IT
How we work

Our Principles

Discovery before Delivery

Our way of working is based on the dual-track agile approach. The methodology unlocks value for our users by understanding the problem behind an idea. This helps identify the value and feasibility of a solution before it is developed, designed and launched, ensuring we deliver valuable products to our users quickly and continuously.

Celebrate Diversity

We celebrate the diversity of our team, while also working together as one. We embrace working with myriad cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, skills and life experiences. We believe this diversity gives our company a competitive edge. At PRISMA, you can openly come as you are and be welcomed and appreciated for the distinctiveness you bring.

Celebrate Achievements

At PRISMA, we aren't shy about celebrating our successes. We take time to celebrate our achievements every week. We acknowledge individual contributions with our rewards program and celebrate our core values. We believe in learning and developing as both individuals and as an organization, so acknowledging those successes is an important part of our culture.

Endeavour to be best-in-class

To become and remain best-in-class, we believe in constantly developing and stretching ourselves to become skilled masters of our domain. We have a culture of understanding, facilitating and sharing best practices that will strengthen the capability, confidence, and engagement levels of our workforce.


What we do

PRISMA is Europe’s leading gas capacity trading platform. With the ability to serve a high number of TSO and SSO backend systems, PRISMA provides a single platform through which TSOs, SSOs and shippers may market gas capacity at both primary and secondary market levels.