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At PRISMA we believe that innovation is essential to creating a fair and transparent market. Since day one we focused on reshaping the gas industry by reducing its complexity and making gas capacity trading simpler and fairer by putting people’s needs first.

And that’s what we’re doing.


What keeps us moving.

Innovation is essential to creating a fair and transparent market. In 2012 we began our journey by putting people’s needs first. Here we want to share what we´ve learned.



We can only thrive in a lively community. So PRISMA aims to create events and experiences throughout the year, where you can exchange ideas, establish connections and even make some good friends.

November 05, 2019

PRISMA Community Summit

Digitalisation is changing the world, and also the energy market. Together we will discuss how to seize the digital transformation and tackle the challenge ahead.

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What we do

PRISMA is Europe’s leading gas capacity trading platform. With the ability to serve a high number of TSO and SSO backend systems, PRISMA provides a single platform through which TSOs, SSOs and shippers may market gas capacity at both primary and secondary market levels.