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Out-of-hours survival kit!

Tom Köckeritz

Head of Customer Success



Those of us immersed in the gas business know that while the rest of the world sleeps, gas continues to flow through the system and into our homes. 

And part of why this is possible is because our platform continues to run at full capacity all night long, with auctions and transactions continuing undisturbed. 

But what happens if you have a problem with our platform in the middle of the night?  

Whatever the time, and wherever you are, we're here to help you - and that's why we've put together a survival kit to cover all issues that may arise out-of-hours. 


When is ‘OOH’? 

Our Customer Success team is available Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 6.30pm. 

But what happens outside those hours? Well, we’re still here, but on-call, ready to jump into action as soon as we hear from you! 

The only qualification is that our OOH service is reserved for emergencies or login problems that cannot be resolved via a workaround. 


What’s an emergency? 

We probably all have our own definition of an emergency, but for us at PRISMA it’s when our service has been meaningfully interrupted (e.g., bidding not possible during an open auction) or is simply unaccessible. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re more than happy to discuss other issues, such as how an algorithm or platform settings work - but the next morning :-) 


Why shouldn’t you contact us OOH for a non-emergency? 

Let's say you called in the dead of night because you had a question about how the secondary market works. 

As we say, we’re always ready to help you with such queries during office hours, but keeping our lines occupied for a non-emergency such as this could mean that someone with an actual emergency isn’t able to get through to us.   


How will you know if there’s actually a problem with the platform? 

Sometimes it’s not always obvious that there’s a problem, and so you may reasonably find yourself uncertain over whether a particular situation represents an emergency.  

That’s why we have a section on the platform where we publish Urgent Market Messages (UMM), which inform the market in the event of a major incident. You can even subscribe to our RSS feed, which allows you to receive these messages in a reader of your choice, rather than having to log into the platform to view them. 


What resources are available to help perform your own troubleshooting? 

Our dedicated support portal offers detailed guidance on troubleshooting every possible issue you may encounter on the platform. 

However, as always, if you find any of the articles on this portal aren’t helpful or sufficient, please don’t hesitate in sending us your feedback. The best way for us to keep improving is by finding out what works for you, and what doesn’t! 

Access to our Support Portal and check our articles here.

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