Together we can change the energy game

PRISMA is a leading platform for promoting positive change within the gas sector. We envision a future in which all energy markets are connected and integrated. We believe in working smart and having fun, allowing us to be more creative and innovative. Open, informal & flexible communication sets the tone in our company. Everyone works together to shape the workplace so they feel better connected to each other, the company and our mission. Do you want to help us drive the change?

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How we work

Our Core Values

Our values are not just words on paper, they are embedded in every aspect of our company. Each value drives the way we approach our daily work, business, our stakeholders, and the community at large.


Understanding is the basis of everything we do. We believe in being attentive and empathetic to people's needs, and translating those needs into solutions.


We believe in the power of collaboration to create an impact. By balancing the interests of all involved parties, we drive long-term benefits for all.


The future will be different and new. We need to embrace this change and take advantage of it. This motivation drives us to think ahead of time and be open-minded.

Meet our teams

Life at PRISMA

While we all share the same company culture and values, each team also has its own distinct style. Check out what our team leads are saying.

Meet the PRISMAtes

Curious to discover the faces behind PRISMA? Dive in, get to know us better, and meet the team!


Benefits & Perks

A combination of deep-rooted values and a suite of enticing company perks make PRISMA a great place to work. Above everything, we’re committed to supporting the job satisfaction, personal growth and well-being of all PRISMAtes.

Tailored Work Routine

Work in the way that suits you – remote, hybrid or onsite – just as long as you’re based mainly in Germany.

Learning & Development

By providing access to continuous development resources, we support your growth as an employee and as a person.

Mobility Packages

CO2-friendly mobility packages subsidise your commute from anywhere in Germany, while visa processing and relocation support international talent.

Workplace Well-being

A programme of wellness activities, plus a meditation app subscription, help keep both your mind and body in great shape.

Flexible for Families

By offering flexible working options and covering the public Kita fees, PRISMA gives parents the freedom to prosper.

Creating Common Bonds

Our peer recognition program ensures everyone feels valued while fun company outings create friendships that feed into the way you work.

Job openings

Jobs at PRISMA

PRISMA is a small company with a big impact. We make fair markets happen. Join our international team to change the way the European energy markets work.

Didn't find a job that matches your profile?

Don't worry – we are always interested in new talent. Just share your passion, expertise and interests.

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Marlucio Pereira

Tech Recruiter and Employer Branding Specialist

Interview Process

Four Steps to Your Job

We see our recruitment process as a two-way street. That means getting to know you, but also allowing you to get to know us, so you’re best able to decide whether PRISMA is the right place for you. We do this by providing all the information you need, not just about the role but about our company, our culture, and values. In short, we see your interview as the first step on your PRISMA journey.

Making the short-list

Are you interested in working at PRISMA? Reach out to us! You can apply directly through one of our open positions or by dropping us a line via LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you.

Nice to e-meet you!

One of the most important things for you as a potential PRISMAte is that you’re comfortable with our company culture. That’s why we kick off the interview process with a video call with a member from our People & Culture team to allow us to get to know each other and introduce PRISMA.

The technical stuff

We want to learn more about your experience and suitability for the role by assessing your skills as objectively as possible. For this, you'll have a video call with the Hiring Manager or one of the Engineers. Keep in mind that this process might vary depending on the role you’re applying for.

Meet the team

You may have the chance to come and visit our Leipzig offices for an onsite interview and meet all of the PRISMAtes. In preparation for this, you'll receive a small task to allow your experience and skills to shine trough. We’ll also invite you to join us for lunch, where you can ask questions and share feedback.

Let’s get started

If everything works out as we hope, and you are as excited to join the team as we are to welcome you, you’ll receive your formal job offer. We’ll then begin the process of discussing a potential start date and planning your onboarding. Welcome to the team!

Leipzig: A Top European City to Call Home!

Joining PRISMA means more than just a great career – it opens the door to an incredible city.
Leipzig was ranked fourth in Europe's most livable cities for 2023 with a 95% satisfaction rate, according to a survey among residents published by the European Commission. It offers a modern urban lifestyle intertwined with a charming, pedestrianized, and bike-friendly city center. Renowned for being family-friendly, Leipzig also boasts easily accessible picturesque countryside. If you decide to come to Leipzig, you'll find yourself in a city that truly has it all!

Gothic Festival Leipzig
Leipzig+Street Art
Oper Leipzig

Art & Culture Scene

Whether it’s music, museums or street art, Leipzig is packed with culture. Home to the longest continuously running orchestra in Europe, the city’s classical music scene is more than matched by its contemporary offerings, including everything from indie to electronic to Latin tunes.
For art lovers, the Museum of Fine Arts is an internationally acclaimed cultural venue that’s worth a visit just to marvel at the architectural wonder of the building alone. Quirkiness has its role to play among the mainstream too, most notably when the annual Gothic Festival comes to town, attracting over 20,000 goths from around the world for a bizarre (but good-natured) celebration of death, decadence and darkwave.

Cospudener See
Zoo Leipzig

A Vibrant & Inclusive City

Leipzig’s abundance of wide open public spaces are matched by the openness of its people. The city is truly multi-cultural, with residents from all over the world. Jump on a bike, go for a wander, or gather with friends for a BBQ in the park – the city is yours to explore.
Or for fun day outs that connect you with nature, there’s the historic Leipzig Zoo, situated on the edge of a large forest that runs through Leipzig and home to a vast number of exotic animal species. For water sports, head to one of the many lakes around the city, where you can kayak, windsurf or sail till your heart’s content.


Connected with Germany & Europe

Located just an hour’s train ride south of Berlin, Leipzig is well-connected by road, rail and air – ideal for PRISMAtes wanting to travel home to visit family or friends, as well as for those based outside the city but want to come and visit or work at our offices.
Other easily reachable destinations from Leipzig include Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt, as well as major European hubs such as Paris and Prague. Team members also have excellent local transport links at their disposal, and as a company perk you can choose between a company bike, public transport job ticket, or Deutsche Bahn Card so you can navigate with ease.

Hackers Conference

Active Tech Community

At PRISMA you’ll benefit from having the very latest tech stacks at your fingertips, hand-picked by experts for experts. What’s more, you’ll also get to attend events that provide access to Leipzig’s vibrant tech scene.
We’ve built strong links with local companies and host regular meet-ups and conferences which serve as valuable knowledge-sharing and networking exercises. We also sponsor Open Source tech communities to further our mission to build transparency and openness.


We can't wait to meet you.

If you've made it this far, don't hesitate and apply for one of our open positions today. Didn't see a position that matches your interests and experience? No worries, send us an email and we'll be happy to chat and explore our opportunities.


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As the leading gas capacity trading platform, PRISMA acts as a supportive backbone for trading, booking and marketing gas capacity.