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What we do

PRISMA is the platform for moving gas across Europe

We give transmission and storage system operators a single place to market their products. Through our independent marketplace, operators can reach over 650 shippers across Europe via a variety of mechanisms.

Services for SSO

Services for SSO

Offer storage capacity products via auctions or FCFS. Automate the entire marketing and allocation process by linking your systems with our platform.

  • Capacity Auctions
  • Allocation Algorithm
  • Storage API
  • FCFS Booking


  • Access to 650+ shippers
  • Tailored capacity offers
  • Easy bid management
Services for TSO

Services for TSO

Market your domestic and cross border capacity via several auction mechanisms in accordance with the European CAM Network Code.

  • Marketing of domestic and cross border capacity
  • NC CAM Compliant Auctions
  • Offering capacity on a FCFS basis
  • Incremental capacity auctions
  • Capacity Routes


  • Access to 650+ shippers
  • Increased efficiency through simplified processes
  • Independent neutral platform introduces greater trust in the overall process
Shipper Services

Services for Shippers

Book gas transport and storage capacity, or trade unused capacity with other shippers.

  • Book domestic and cross border transport capacity
  • Take part in NC CAM compliant transport capacity Auctions
  • Get storage capacity from major European Storage Operators
  • Use our API to automate your processes
  • Fulfill your REMIT reporting obligations by having us submit your reports to ACER


  • Access to many European market players
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Non discriminatory trading procedures
  • Fully automated processes

Do you need more information about our services?

We have a team of experts constantly working to gain the best understanding of your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.