What we do

PRISMA is the platform for moving gas across Europe

We give transmission and storage system operators a single place to market their products. Through our independent marketplace, operators can reach over 650 shippers across Europe via a variety of mechanisms.


Services on which you can rely

We offer you a host of essential benefits that support your business along the way.


Promote openness and transparency across all activities.


Engage in discrimination-free, fair trading procedures.


Trade safely with secured connections and multi-factor authentication.


Carry out all trading activities effectively in one single platform.

Convenient trading

Manage bookings in a simplified and user-friendly manner.


Automate processes by linking your systems with our platform.


What we offer

We offer an online platform that caters to the individual needs and goals of each of our customer groups: TSOs, SSOs and Shippers.

For Transmission System Operators

Market your domestic and cross border capacities via several mechanisms. Work in accordance with the European CAM Network Code.

For Storage System Operators

Offer storage capacity products via auctions or FCFS. Automate your entire marketing and sales process by linking your systems with our platform.

For shippers

Book gas transport and storage capacity or trade unused capacity with other shippers.

For AggregateEU Participants

Participate in the demand aggregation and joint tendering platform of the EU.

For LNG Operators

Have maximum flexibility in how you shape your offers, when you publish them and to whom you sell your capacity.


Customer Success

Do you need more information about our services? We have a team of experts constantly working to gain the best understanding of your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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As the leading gas capacity trading platform, PRISMA acts as a supportive backbone for trading, booking and marketing gas capacity.