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Who we are

A single platform for managing gas movement across Europe

In the future, we aim to support the whole gas value chain ensuring reliable capacity management across the whole European network.


Our vision of the future gas market

Europe is moving towards a sustainable energy future in the face of anthropogenic climate change. The need for renewable electricity generation will also increase over the next years. However, renewable sources such as wind and solar power will still need backup from electricity generated by natural gas. This has led to an increasing demand for gas in the past few years.

PRISMA believes in the opportunity that this scenario presents and actively takes part in gas market development. By integrating various actors in the gas market, we create a community that enables economies of scale and presents new ways of approaching gas movement across Europe.

+5% in 2017

EU Gas Demand. Highest level over the past seven years

+30% in 2017

Increase in European electricity generation from Gas between 2015 and 2017

+25% in 2017

Rise in share of Natural Gas in Europe’s energy mix from 2016


We make fair markets happen.

We are committed to building an ethical business culture within PRISMA, across our operations and the gas sector. We believe that ethics describe a company's personality, which is why our organizational values are driven by ethical and moral considerations. To ensure that we conduct our business ethically, we strive to establish a fair, transparent and integrated market that's truly beneficial for both economy and society.

Svenja presenting Rene presenting Puja and Mozhdeh

Our values are not just words on a piece of paper – they are embedded in every aspect of our business. Each value drives how we approach our business, our stakeholders and the community at large.



Understanding is the basis of everything we do. We believe in being attentive and empathetic to people's needs, and translating those needs into solutions.


We believe in the power of collaboration to create an impact. By balancing the interests of all involved parties, we drive long-term benefits for all.


The future will be different and new. We need to embrace this change and take advantage of it. This motivation drives us to think ahead of time and be openminded.

9 Countries. 1 Team. 1 Vision

Meet Our Team


Who we are

We are a dynamic, smart and committed team driven by the belief that we can enable a fair gas market through innovation. Each of us brings a unique perspective and skillset that helps us serve our users and markets. With offices in Leipzig and Brussels, we have a network of passionate and dedicated professionals who trust, respect and collaborate with each other to bring PRISMA's vision to life. 

People and Culture


Passion for people.

Victoria Schuster

Head of People & Culture

Engage. Encourage. Empower.

Mariana Fernandez

Working Student People & Culture
Colette Delplancke


Colette Delplancke

Office Manager Brussels

Pleasant. Polished. Professional.

Jette Rieger

Office Manager Leipzig

Company management

Götz Lincke

Head for business, ear to the ground & nose for opportunity

Götz Lincke

Managing Director

Execute with interest, integrity & impact

Thilo Kassen

Executive Manager
Paolo Maffeis in front of glass wall

Food, Life & Energy Enthusiast

Paolo Maffeis

Executive Manager



Protector. Advocator. Entertainer.

Falk Porzig

Head of Legal & Regulations

IT with attention & dedication

Vicky Sorge

Information Security Officer
Katina Gjoshevska

Katina Gjoshevska

Working Student Legal and Regulations

Finance and Administration


Financial drive. Forward-thinker.

Verena Bergmann

Head of Finance

French with a Focus on Finance

Ines Mensah

Expert Controlling

Paying attention to the details. 

Tina Figueroa


Focus on accounting, analysis & accuracy

Jacqueline Schwarze

Senior Expert Accounting & Tax



Design idea. Develop product. Create experience.

Adrian Makohon

Product Manager
Daniel Pichel

Daniel Pichel

Product Manager

Focus on features, facts and efficient solutions

Marcus Wadewitz

Product Owner

Product. Persistence. Passion.

Svenja Kruse

Product Manager

Customer Success


Communicate. Connect. Celebrate.

René Lindner

Customer Success Manager

Connects to Customers with Friendliness

Simona Lamba

Customer Success Representative

Deliver simple and significant customer solutions

Frederick Webner

Customer Success Representative

Pedro Matheus

Customer Success Representative

Björn Borchardt

Working Student Customer Success

Matthew O'Brien

Working Student Customer Success



Focus on agility, automation and achievement

Jan Wagebach

Head of Software Development

Operates with humor, heart and humility.

Tom Köckeritz

Software Quality Assurance Manager

Uwe Schäfer

Coding Architect / Lead Engineer

Shape, Simplify and Sustain Software.

Jörg Adler

Senior Backend Engineer

Philipp Zins

Senior Frontend Engineer

Ramiz Hasan

Working Student Software Quality Assurance

Infrastructure and Application Management


Builds with deliberation & determination

Tobias Troeger

Head of Application Management

Drive Development with Determination

Benjamin Otto

DevOps Engineer

Benedikt Kaiser

Working Student Application Management

Straightforward, sincere, open-minded

Dominik Kosieradzki

Application Manager

Focus on software, security & synergy

Eduard Thamm

DevOps Engineer

Operates with system, structure and spirit

Manuela Nitzsche

Application Manager

Ralf Teckelmann

DevOps Engineer

Tony Hartmann

IT Service Manager Office IT

John Nguyen

DevOps Engineer

Mozhdeh Mousazadehkamdar

IT Service Manager

Market Development


Develop market, joke, rinse, repeat.

Thibault Villedieu-de-Torcy

Business Development Manager
How we work

Our Principles

Discovery before Delivery

Our way of working is based on the dual-track agile approach. The methodology unlocks value for our users by understanding the problem behind an idea. This helps identify the value and feasibility of a solution before it is developed, designed and launched, ensuring we deliver valuable products to our users quickly and continuously.

Celebrate Diversity

We celebrate the diversity of our team, while also working together as one. We embrace working with myriad cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, skills and life experiences. We believe this diversity gives our company a competitive edge. At PRISMA, you can openly come as you are and be welcomed and appreciated for the distinctiveness you bring.

Celebrate Achievements

At PRISMA, we aren't shy about celebrating our successes. We take time to celebrate our achievements every week. We acknowledge individual contributions with our rewards program and celebrate our core values. We believe in learning and developing as both individuals and as an organization, so acknowledging those successes is an important part of our culture.

Endeavour to be best-in-class

To become and remain best-in-class, we believe in constantly developing and stretching ourselves to become skilled masters of our domain. We have a culture of understanding, facilitating and sharing best practices that will strengthen the capability, confidence, and engagement levels of our workforce.


What we do

PRISMA is Europe’s leading gas capacity trading platform. With the ability to serve a high number of TSO and SSO backend systems, PRISMA provides a single platform through which TSOs, SSOs and shippers may market gas capacity at both primary and secondary market levels.