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We provide you with a transparent and reliable platform to market your LNG capacity.

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Modular Services

Services that get work done easily

So you can have peace of mind, we offer a range of services to assist your business in marketing capacity, engaging with your customer base and meeting your regulatory requirements.


Carry out your activities smoothly

You can make your products available through exclusive offers on our platform. All auctions take place as and when you need them.


Make allocation more convenient

You can save time and effort in allocating your LNG capacity using our automated allocation algorithm.

Customer Management and security

Manage customers at your discretion

You can access a fully integrated shipper management system, where you can choose with which shippers you want to trade.


Manage your company users simply and effectively

You can view and manage all platform users from your company with our admin functionality.

Onboarding services

Start your journey the right way

We ensure that you are successfully onboarded to the platform so you can get the most out of it.


Our Customers

Serving our customers is a privilege and responsibility that we do not take lightly. 

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Customer Success

Do you need more information about our services? We have a team of experts constantly working to gain the best understanding of your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What we do

PRISMA is Europe’s leading gas capacity trading platform. We provide a single platform through which Operators may market gas capacity at both primary and secondary market levels.