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PRISMA launches AggregateEU

The first demand aggregation and tendering round of AggregateEU will be launched on April 25, 2023. It will help the European Union to jointly purchase gas and keep the prices down.

Leipzig, April 17, 2023 - PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH is glad to announce that the first round of demand aggregation and tendering of AggregateEU will be launched on April 25, 2023. This will help to pool the gas demand from European companies in order to jointly purchase gas and ensure security of supply for this winter.

The European Union wants to guarantee a stable supply while keeping energy prices low. Therefore, the European Commission created the EU Energy Platform with the aim to play a key role in pooling demand, coordinating infrastructure use, negotiating with international partners and preparing for joint gas and hydrogen purchases. AggregateEU is the service that aims to aggregate gas demand from companies established in the EU or in Energy Community countries and match it with the most competitive supply offers in time for the next storage filing season.

It is developed and operated by PRISMA under a service contract with the Directorate–General for Energy of the European Commission. „We are glad to launch the services we tailored to the need of the European Commission. We are proud to contribute to the security of energy supply in Europe in this way.”, says Götz Lincke, Managing Director of PRISMA.

AggregateEU will support EU countries and Energy Community contracting parties to ensure sufficient gas supplies for the next winter 2023/2024.

EU countries are required to aggregate demand for volumes of gas equivalent to 15% of their respective gas storage filling obligations. Beyond the 15%, the aggregation will be voluntary, but based on the same mechanism.

On April 25, 2023 PRISMA will launch the first demand aggregation and tendering round at 9 a.m. Each round happens in successive phases and lasts roughly two weeks. The whole process is explained in the AggregateEU Hub.

How to participate in AggregateEU?

Gas companies and gas-consuming companies that are interested in joining AggregateEU are required to first register their organisation on the PRISMA platform.

As a second step, registered companies need to subscribe to the AggregateEU services by April 20 if they wish to participate in the first round of demand aggregation and joint tendering. Subscription to AggregateEU will remain open after that date for participation to subsequent rounds of demand aggregation and tendering (every second month).

PRISMA has launched a call for expression of interest to support the participation in AggregateEU of those companies that lack the necessary capabilities or expertise to transport gas or perform negotiations on their own.
Starting April 18, PRISMA will publish a first list of companies prepared to offer services in one or both of the following models of cooperation. This list will be continuously updated with new responses received to the call.

  • Agent-on-behalf in which buyers would entrust another company to act as an agent providing services, which could include for example reservation of a slot on an LNG terminal, transport from a ship to the point of consumption, or balancing services.  

  • Central Buyers in which buyers would ask other companies to act on their behalf as a Central Buyer, which would purchase gas for them.

Please refer to the call for expression of interest for more details.

If you are interested in news about the platform, just sign up for AggregateEU Updates and we will keep you posted.



PRISMA is the leading platform for gas movement around Europe. The company runs and manages its own cloud-based software, seamlessly connecting around 20 markets by granting digital access into the European energy infrastructure to more than 3.000 players. PRISMA’s main goal is to be a driving force in establishing a fair, transparent, and integrated market that truly benefits the economy and the society.  

About the EU Energy Platform 

The EU Energy Platform was established in April 2022 to secure the EU's energy supply at affordable prices and to reduce its dependence on Russian gas. The Platform has played a significant role in EU’s diversification efforts since 2022 byfacilitating the signing of Memoranda of Understanding with key gas exporting partner countries and enhancing international outreach to support the REPowerEU Plan. It also focuses on organising demand aggregation and joint purchasing of gas for the storage filing season of the upcoming winter (2023-24).   


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