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Boosting Innovation | PRISMA's Open Space

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Constanze Hertel

Content & Relations Manager

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At PRISMA, every second Wednesday brings an exciting event: the Open Space. It's a unique meeting where there's no fixed agenda, except the topics brought forward by the participants themselves. This dynamic approach to team gatherings has proven to be a game-changer, fostering innovation, open dialogue, and cross-functional collaboration.

Wednesday, 11 AM. More and more participants joining via video chat. The Open Space is about to begin. "Welcome to the Open Space", says Victoria Schuster, who facilitates the session from the PRISMA office together with Mariana Fernandez. This time, the theme is travelling, as reflected in a digital whiteboard designed like a world map. Three distinct rooms - "Machu Picchu", "Chichen Itza", and the "Great Wall of China" - await engaging sessions.

"I see, we already have one topic here", Victoria notes while moving a rectangle in the board. "Yes", Philipp Zins, software engineer at PRISMA, replies. "I want to give an intro into Sentry. It is a popular open-source error tracking tool. It will take about 30 minutes. And I would choose Chichen Itza at 1:15 PM."

Six more topic will follow today. The beauty of the Open Space lies in its flexibility and inclusivity. Employees are free to choose any topic they wish to discuss, from recaps after workshops to intros into new tools or discussions about which projects PRISMA should sponsor or not. Participation is voluntary, and attendees can decide whether they want to actively participate or simply listen.

The Open Space - a recipe to boost innovation

The format empowers team members to dive into subjects beyond their daily workflow, promoting self-learning and inspiration.

Throughout the Open Space Day, team members can immerse themselves in knowledge-sharing, teaching, and networking without being constrained by time. This freedom to explore and discuss without watching the clock fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth within the company.

The regular occurrence of Open Space meetings has had a profound impact on the PRISMA team. By encouraging active involvement from all members, these sessions promote collaboration and teamwork across different departments. Open discussions allow the team to tackle complex challenges more efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, Open Spaces provide an inclusive environment for team members to share their thoughts and ideas. This leads to improved communication, stronger relationships, and a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees.

By incorporating diverse perspectives, Open Spaces pave the way for new ideas and innovative problem-solving approaches. Proactive and efficient discussions help prevent downtime and increase overall productivity.

In conclusion, the regular implementation of Open Space meetings has strengthened PRISMA as a company. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and open dialogue, these gatherings empower the team to face challenges head-on and build a brighter future together. As the team continues to embrace the spirit of the Open Space, they create a dynamic and thriving work environment that is well-prepared to overcome any obstacle.

How to Open Space

An Open Space is a unique format for meetings or gatherings that promotes collaboration, creativity, and open dialogue among participants. It is a self-organizing and participant-driven event where attendees have the freedom to discuss and explore topics of interest. While there are no strict rules governing Open Spaces, there are some general principles that participants often follow to ensure the event's success.

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