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From Desk to Destination: Go on workation with PRISMA!

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Remote Freedom with PRISMA’s Workation Options

Gone are the days of being tied down to a cubicle! In today's interconnected world, professionals are seizing the opportunity to work from anywhere, whether it's halfway across the globe or in the comfort of their hometown. Your “workation” starts wherever you want it to!

First and foremost, working abroad offers a range of cultural experiences and personal growth opportunities. From sampling exotic cuisines to immersing oneself in new languages and traditions, every day becomes a new experience. Plus, the ability to work remotely opens doors to explore breathtaking landscapes, bustling cities, and serene retreats, all while maintaining a steady workflow.

Quality family time at home

What about those who choose to work from their home countries you ask? Fear not, for the benefits abound! Working in familiar surroundings allows for a deeper connection to community, family, and roots. Whether it's sharing a meal with loved ones or participating in local events and traditions, there's a sense of belonging and comfort that can't be replicated anywhere other than home.

Moreover, staying connected with family becomes a breeze when working from home. No more longing for missed birthdays or big milestones; remote work provides the flexibility to be present for those precious moments. Whether it's a quick video call during a coffee break or a leisurely lunch with family members, technology bridges the gap, bringing loved ones closer together despite physical distance.


man working on laptop

Living the dream: Asier on workation in Spain as he combines work with adventure, and immerses himself in the sunny charm of the Spanish life.

Goodbye Stress, Hello Productivity

Take a look at Shania, working by the Indian Ocean in Kenya. Surrounded by the beauty around her, taking in the ocean's calmness, blending work with the serenity of the ocean in the backdrop.

Let's not forget the practical perks of remote work, regardless of location. Say goodbye to gruelling commutes and hello to a healthier work-life balance! With more time for hobbies, exercise, and relaxation, remote colleagues often report increased productivity and job satisfaction.

This is exactly what PRISMA offers with WorkFlex.

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WorkFlex platform

When seeking temporary work from abroad via the WorkFlex platform, be mindful of the process. Initiate your request at least 2 weeks before your intended departure, although earlier submission is advised. Approval involves scrutiny by your Team Lead and the People & Culture Team, considering various business, legal, and tax implications. Once approved, you can work from abroad for up to 182 days per year, whether within or outside the EU, provided there are no significant business or compliance objections. For a visual guide, watch this video:

Things to consider:

Rejection: Sorry, your request might catch some rejection waves due to business urgency, visa dramas, or if you're eyeing a high-risk spot. Safety first, right?

Not a Business Bash: Remember, this isn't a business bash – when you're visiting a client, it's a different story. PRISMA won't cover your ticket or hotel for this personal work fiesta.

Safety: Your safety is the headliner! Set up your workplace like a pro and make sure it's comfy and ergonomic. We want you to work safely wherever you are!

Insurance: No worries! You're a PRISMA VIP with automatic travel health insurance. Just don't forget to drop the WorkFlex team a line if your trip vibe changes. We've got your back!

Health: Plan a pre-trip! Visit your doc, grab those vaccinations, and ensure you're ready to set off on your trip without any health hiccups.

Data Security: Surf the internet securely! Stick to PRISMA's moves: follow the ISMS Framework and Privacy Policy, no working on public wifi without a VPN, and keep those laptops grooving in a secure spot!

Documents: Carry those WorkFlex platform documents like your passport – employee instructions, employer statement.

man working on a laptop

Kostiantyn mixes work and adventure as he tours Spain on his bike, soaking in the sights and culture.


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