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Meet Saida Meftah | DevOps Engineer

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Meet the PRISMAtes and get to know our team! In this series, our employees tell us a little about themselves and their journey to PRISMA. Let's start and meet Saida!

A taste of Tunisia in the PRISMA kitchen

In the heart of the PRISMA office kitchen, Saida arranges an array of tantalizing treats – crispy dough, honey, figs, and nuts, with a touch of sesame. "It was my birthday recently," she smiles warmly, her eyes filled with nostalgia and joy. "I wanted to bring a taste of Tunisia to PRISMA, something different than the usual birthday cake." 
As soon as she wrote in the internal chat, colleagues flock to the kitchen, intrigued by the array of exotic sweets. "Unfortunately, I couldn't fly home for my birthday this year, but I found a woman here in Leipzig who offers Tunisian sweets. I figured, why not bring Tunisia to PRISMA?" Her eyes held a mix of nostalgia and joy with thoughts of her homeland.  

From Tunisia to Leipzig

"I've been here for almost three years," explains Saida. Back home in Tunisia, she had studied Computer Science Engineering and wanted to take the opportunity to gain experience abroad. And an internship at PRISMA seemed to be the perfect fit. “I know exactly how it felt arriving here, feeling this vibrant international atmosphere here”, she says.  
During the interview, the team not only assessed her professional qualifications but also took a genuine interest in her personal journey. The warmth and inclusivity of her future colleagues stood out. This personal touch played a crucial role in convincing Saida that PRISMA was the right fit for her. 

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Needless to say, the interview went well: She got her contract just a few days later. She had a good feeling, looking forward to starting at PRISMA. But it was tough. "It was 2021, a pandemic. The city was in lockdown. Not the best conditions for starting a new job in a new company in a foreign country." Nevertheless, PRISMA managed to convey to her that she was not alone in this situation.

Becoming part of a caring community

"I remember some situations clearly”, Saida recalls; the university I was writing my master's thesis at that time asked me for some documents about my internship in Germany on short notice. I did not know where to get them and asked my manager, Tobias, about it. Five minutes later, I got my answer.

After two weeks into the internship, I needed a city registration. But I did not speak any German at that time”, she slightly shakes her head before she goes on, “Victoria, Head of People and Culture, did not hesitate and picked me up, and we went together to the city office. For me, this was the point I knew how much PRISMA cared for me, cared for all of its people, and I wouldn't have it any other way," she says while smiling.  

A further person who helped Saida a lot in settling in was Eduard – her team lead and IT Security Officer. "Eduard was a guiding force. His talent and resourcefulness were unparalleled. On a personal level, he embodied humility and made the workplace an enjoyable space," Saida recounts animatedly, adding, "He wasn't just a mentor; he was a friend, making the learning experience both enriching and fun."

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Leipzig: From a foreign city to a new home

The other PRISMAtes quickly became more than just colleagues; they became friends and, especially at the beginning of Saida's time in Leipzig, advisors. “Settling here was made smoother by the advice from fellow international PRISMAtes. Their guidance provided stability and comfort in navigating a new city.”

Adapting to Leipzig wasn't without its challenges. Cultural nuances, such as the importance of punctuality in German culture, initially shocked Saida. Yet, these experiences became stepping stones in her journey. “Over time, I not only adjusted to the cultural intricacies, but also embraced them. The weather, with its unpredictable shifts, presented another hurdle; understanding how it influences people's moods was also something I needed to learn,” she explains with a smile.

Meanwhile, she has come to love living in Leipzig, describing it as the “perfect blend of a small and big city." Leipzig has become her home, where she intends to stay for the time being. Rather than leaving PRISMA too quickly, she prefers to continue developing within the company, choosing to advance her career here rather than elsewhere.

Turning a blank page into positive change 

“PRISMA has played a big role in my growth, both professionally and personally,” Saida explains. A standout moment was when the company sponsored her AWS certificate for Cloud Solution Architect. “It wasn't just a certification,” she goes on, “it was a globally recognised validation of my skills.” Saida was thrilled, but what made it even more special was the support she got from PRISMA and her fellow PRISMAtes.

“They not only covered the costs but also provided the essential time and resources for my preparation. It wasn't just a checkbox for them; it was an investment in my development. This gesture reinforced my belief that PRISMA was more than a workplace; it was a partner in my journey."

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Saida and Benedikt at a conference in London.

Saida's future plans

And she intends to stay with PRISMA for a while longer. “Currently, I'm pursuing my AWS Security Specialist certification. It's a challenging path, but PRISMA continues to support me.” PRISMA gives Saida the time she needs for intensive study and also provides the necessary materials to excel in the course. “This journey isn't just about professional achievements,” Saida states, “it's a testament to PRISMA’s commitment to the growth of its people. I'm not just an employee; I'm part of a community that values my aspirations and actively contributes.”

For the present, her commitment lies with PRISMA, where she strives to contribute to both personal and company growth. “You cannot make sense of everything all at once,” Saida says, sharing her cherished mantra. “But what you can do is take it one piece at a time and have faith that everything is going to fall in place." Meanwhile, she recommends treating yourself to something sweet for every little win – whether it's a work achievement or, of course, your birthday.


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