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The POSS Fund 2023

Three amazing Open Source Software Projects will be supported via the second POSS Fund.

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In 2023, PRISMA renews its commitment to the Open Source Software community by contributing $12,000 to projects that truly make a difference.


Selecting the deserving recipients was no simple feat. It was a group effort where every engineer of PRISMA was invited to contribute to.

The dialogue centred around supporting independent projects so critical for us that we want them to be sustainable, to achieve our mission.

And so, with great enthusiasm, we proudly announce the recipients of the POSS Fund 2023: Vite, Eventcatalog, and MapStruct.

Mapstruct : Simplifying Data Mapping

Transferring data seamlessly between objects in a well-structured, architecturally layered software system often presents a significant challenge. Manual mapping code tends to introduce errors and consumes valuable time. This is where MapStruct steps in as a transformative solution, focusing on performance and simplicity.

What sets MapStruct apart is its ability to generate mapping code during compilation, effectively eliminating substantial runtime performance overhead. The resulting code is refreshingly straightforward and easily understood, proving to be a valuable asset for software projects. This distinctive approach ensures that the generated mapping code enhances efficiency and improves codebase readability and maintainability.

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This distinctive approach ensures that the generated mapping code not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to improved codebase readability and maintainability.

At PRISMA, where we work with layered and event-centric architectures, MapStruct stands as an essential tool, significantly reducing our codebase. That's why we're thrilled to support MapStruct with a $3,000 contribution through the POSS Fund.


EventCatalog: Navigating with Clarity

EventCatalog is bringing transparency and ease to event-driven architectures. It doesn't just document events; it's a versatile platform that elegantly showcases services and domains, allowing multiple lenses to view the same tech universe. With its different views on the same data, it bridges the gap between professions, making data more accessible and insightful.

By offering a centralized reference for events, it simplifies the flow of information within systems. This, in turn, facilitates collaboration and reduces the learning curve for new team members, ensuring everyone speaks the same tech language.

PRISMA believes in innovations that elevate the tech landscape, and EventCatalog is a game-changer in this regard. That is why, EventCatalog receives a $3,000 sponsorship through our POSS Fund

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Vite: Powering Up JavaScript Development

Vite emerges as a standout choice in the fast-paced world of modern JavaScript development. Unlike traditional build tools, Vite offers developers an instant gratification experience, with updates and changes reflected almost instantly without page refreshing. This results in better software and an enhanced user experience.

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Plus it's instant developer server, eliminating the need for unnecessary bundling. By leveraging the native ES module System, it serves dependencies on the fly, resulting in nearly immediate development server start times. Developers no longer need to endure waiting times, fostering a dynamic and responsive development experience.


Vite's benefits extend beyond speed. Its architecture aligns seamlessly with modern web development demands, allowing modularization and dynamic imports without sacrificing performance. Developers can work with popular frameworks like Vue.js, React, and others, offering flexibility to embrace the latest technologies without framework restrictions.

PRISMA is proud to embrace Vite and contribute $6,000 to support its mission. If you want to learn more about Vite's philosophy, check out the video below from the ViteCon 2023!

Why we launched the POSS Fund

In 2022, we took a significant step by giving back to the very foundations of our work: Open Source Software. This software underpins PRISMA's platform and plays a pivotal role in the digital infrastructure that secures Europe's energy supply.

While major corporations like Microsoft, Google, or Apple support prominent open source projects, there's an often-overlooked facet. Many companies heavily depend on critical open source software driven by individual engineers in their spare time. It's not unusual to find projects solely maintained by a single devoted person.

As these projects expand, so does the stream of bug reports, support inquiries, and feature requests. While some maintainers successfully transition their projects into sustainable businesses, many grapple with burnout, resulting in halted development and their withdrawal from the very projects they initiated.

For PRISMA, dependency on such projects carries substantial risks. It could lead to critical issues going unaddressed, security gaps persisting, and a lack of innovative features. While we might step in to salvage abandoned projects in some cases, our primary aim is to prevent these situations altogether.

We acknowledge that various factors influence the long-term sustainability of open source projects. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that financial support, combined with time, is of paramount importance. This is the driving force behind the launch of the PRISMA Open Source Software Fund, affectionately known as the POSS Fund.

For a deeper dive into the backstory, our inaugural recipients, and the origins of this initiative, explore our 2022 announcement. Your curiosity is the key to understanding the whole journey.

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