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Election of the new PRISMA shareholder´s chairmanship

Prisma´s shareholders board appoints Catherine Brun as chairwoman and Jeppe Dano as vice-chairman

Leipzig, 24th March 2021- Today, the board of Prisma shareholders convened to elect the new chairmanship and unanimously appointed Catherine Brun as new chairwoman and Jeppe Dano as vice-chairman.

Prisma's board, which has already elected Catherine as vice-chairwoman for two consecutive terms, now upholds her leadership by electing her as chairwoman of the board.

Catherine Brun, Vice President of Strategy and Public Affairs at GRTgaz S.A., states: “PRISMA has always been determined to prepare the future without fear of innovation. Today we find ourselves shaping the company's vision, and I'm very happy to be able to contribute to it”.

Jeppe Dano, Vice President for Markets at Energinet, enthused over this new adventure, adds: "I am glad to be able to bring my expertise to PRISMA´s development. My regulatory and commercial background will perfectly harmonise with Catherine's more technical formation.”


Catherine Brun

Catherine Brun is Vice President of Strategy and Public Affairs at GRTgaz S.A. A graduate in statistics and economics in Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique, she began her career in GDFSuez, taking different responsibilities in strategic, marketing and business development. Thereafter, she took the position of CIO for Exploration and Production and LNG Business Units at ENGIE. She joined GRTgaz in 2014, focussing on Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Renewable Gas.


Jeppe Dano

Jeppe Dano is Vice President for Markets at Energinet, currently focused on the organisational changes required to promote a greener and more efficient market. His academic background is in economics and econometrics. Throughout the years, he has acquired a robust experience with energy regulation and trade. As a consultant, Jeppe has guided numerous public-private partnerships and M&As, predominantly in Copenhagen.

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