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Leipzig. As of 22nd March 2017, PRISMA’s shareholders elected a new chair to lead the Shareholder Meeting of PRISMA. Gaetano Mazzitelli, Executive Vice President for Regulatory Affairs at Snam S.p.A., will be the new chair whereas Catherine Brun, Vice President Marketing and Sales at GRTgaz S.A., will take the vice chair.

After being in charge for four years, the current chair persons Annie Krist, CEO of Gasunie Transport Services B.V., and Ulrich Ronnacker, Head of Legal and Regulation at Open Grid Europe GmbH, handed over their tasks in today’s shareholder assembly.

Gaetano Mazzitelli said “PRISMA is a unique example of cooperation in the European energy market. In the path towards the Energy Union, we will continue to work together with the aim to provide an easy access to gas infrastructures for all market participants in the interest of European final consumers.

Catherine Brun explained that “the core value of a central platform like PRISMA is to allow transactions between the different market participants; TSOs, shippers and further infrastructure operators.

With the expertise of Catherine and Gaetano we continue to have two experienced and reputable personalities that will help us drive forward the idea of the PRISMA platform to continue the development of fair gas markets”, Dr. Götz Lincke, Managing Director of PRISMA said.


Götz Lincke, Catherine Brun and Gaetano Mazzitelli at the PRISMA Shareholder Meeting on 22nd March 2017.

Gaetano Mazzitelli
Gaetano Mazzitelli is Executive Vice President for Regulatory Affairs at Snam. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, he also achieved a Master on Business for Energy and environment at the Eni School for higher studies “Enrico Mattei”. He began his career in Snam in 1995 playing roles with increasing responsibility in strategic planning, business development and regulatory affairs. He is Board Director in TAG GmbH, in Interconnector UK Ltd. He is member of the Board of ENTSOG, of GIE and GSE and Executive Member of the Board of Directors in Anigas as well as in the Comitato Tecnico Energia of Confindustria.

Catherine Brun
Catherine Brun is Vice President Marketing and Sales at GRTgaz S.A. A graduate in statistics and economics in Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique, she began her career in GDFSuez, taking different responsibilities in strategic, marketing and business development positions as well as being CIO for Exploration and Production and LNG Business Units in ENGIE. She joined GRTgaz in 2014, focussing on Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Renewable Gas.

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH is the major market place in Europe for booking and trading gas capacities. We connect the gas markets of 16 European countries – which makes us a substantial part of the integrated European energy market.

Our main task is the development and operation of the PRISMA capacity platform as well as the coordination of our stakeholder’s interests related to it. Our services include harmonised capacity products as well as auction mechanisms and the ability to serve a high number of TSOs in accordance with the CAM Network Code.

Since its foundation in 2013, the platform is getting more and more advanced to meet the growing demands in our business – and to help balancing the driving forces behind it. PRISMA is facilitating the collaboration of all participating European parties.

There are currently 37 European TSOs, 3 storage system operators and more than 550 shipper companies active on the PRISMA platform.

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