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Meet Tetiana | Legal Expert at PRISMA

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Meet the PRISMAtes and get to know our team! In this series, our employees tell us a little about themselves and their journey to PRISMA. Let's start and meet Tetiana!

Black boots and sunglasses on, with the microphone in front of her – Tetiana is about to sing "Wicked Games." Bass, guitars, piano, and the second microphone are set up, and her colleagues are standing and sitting around. They are the PRISMAtics, performing right now. It's May 2023, and it's the conclusion of a PRISMA Company Offsite.  

"I was so excited beforehand! Sabrina talked me into it, probably because she didn't want to sing alone on stage. But turned out to be really fun, especially after all those intense workshops," Tetiana says with a bright smile. Today, she is back at her desk, with three screens open in front of her. Her to-do list is long: conduct legal research and evaluate legal risks, prepare legal advice, draft/review and negotiate contracts and other legal documents, develop/ implement/ review company compliance programs, provide training to the colleagues on legal and compliance issues. She is working as a Legal Expert at PRISMA.  

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Mastering the multifaceted maze of legal systems

As an in-house lawyer you need to be able to deal with legal issues that cover many aspects of law. "At the moment, I'm mainly focusing on REMIT." The Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) came into force in 2011 to support open and fair competition in the European wholesale energy markets. By prohibiting trading based on inside information and deterring market manipulation, REMIT sets the foundation for increased market transparency and integrity, ultimately protecting the interests of companies and consumers.  

"Dry, of course. But actually crucial," Tetiana explains as she clicks to finalize the contract she has just been working on. Step by step, she tackles the challenges that arise when navigating the legal systems of multiple countries and political landscapes that impact the laws affecting the flow of energy.  

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Tetiana earned a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and  already had expertise in legal matters related to the European energy industry before joining PRISMA. Back then, she worked as a Policy Officer for Energy and Renewables at the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, her homeland. "When I started there, I received a sort of crash course in the energy market from the CEOs and experts of the companies I represented. " Tetiana recalls, shaking her head with a smile "It was very intense but also extremely informative."  

Jumping into the new job in a new country  

In Ukraine, it has long been common practice to work towards conformity with European regulations. This allowed Tetiana to gain experience in various subject areas, which she still applies at PRISMA today.  

In early 2021, she wanted to move to Germany for family reasons and started looking for a job. She quickly found her way to PRISMA. In fact, she began working even before the move to Leipzig was completed. Despite this somewhat bumpy start, she knew right away that she had chosen the right path.  

"The job field naturally matched perfectly, but what won me over was the culture, the people," she says. When she arrived for an interview at PRISMA, she felt "no longer like a stranger in a foreign land, but welcomed."  

Meeting the boss, and finding an equal partner 

However, this doesn't mean that the application process wasn't challenging. "It was really tough, especially the tasks Falk gave me. We had very intensive discussions," Tetiana recalls, raising her eyebrows. "And we still do, to this day."  

Falk Porzig is the Head of Legal & Regulation at PRISMA, making him Tetiana's superior. "I know there is the team lead idea, but it's not just about leadership. Falk is a mentor, and he treats me not as a subordinate but as a partner, so I act as a partner," Tetiana adds.  

The hierarchy at PRISMA is flat, and trust is paramount. "That's been the case from the very beginning," Tetiana explains. "In my first three months at PRISMA, nobody treated me as 'the new one who has no idea.' My expertise was valued right from the start, and at the same time, I received immediate help when it came to internal processes that I couldn't have known about yet."  

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After two years at PRISMA, Tetiana has acquired extensive expertise. She can easily engage in discussions about German laws in German, even with native speakers who might struggle therewith. European regulations come naturally to her. However, it's not just on the professional level, she has also found her place personally at PRISMA.  

From feeling welcome to being settled in 

"We have a channel where we occasionally make informal plans to do something together," Tetiana explains, smiling "We call it 'UnitingPRISMAtes.' Once, I spontaneously decided to have a barbecue at home and told any everyone who was interested to come over. And then, 17 people showed up at my front door! And with every single one of them, I was genuinely delighted that they came by". 

Tetiana knew that PRISMA had an international team, but what impressed her most is that these people not only have different backgrounds but also differ in many other aspects. "They have different personalities, different thoughts, different approaches."

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While Tetiana initially felt welcome, she now feels not just only welcome, but truly settled in. "It's a wonderful feeling to be a part of something professionally, with a company that is making a real difference and is important to the future of the European energy market, and personally, as part of a group of people you feel comfortable with and belong to."


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